Parish Leadership

Clergy and Vestry of the Good Shepherd

Our Interim Preist

Rev. Bude VanDyke

As the Interim Rector, serving at a time of transition from the previous Rector’s departure and the calling of a new Rector, my role here is to help carry on the work of the Church while taking an inward look at where the church has been and where it hopes to go. This is a richly talented and committed fellowship of faith.
Though I have only been serving here for a couple of months, my history with Church of the Good Shepherd goes as far back as its beginning, which closely coincides with my seminary preparation and ordination. This parish, just starting, help fund a ministry I did while in seminary to the inmates at the “Special Unit” at Limestone Correctional Facility. My experience with them over the term of two and a half decades is that when God call, they step up. Each time I have walked in the door, I have been warmly welcomed, listened carefully to, and empowered by their support.
If you decide to worship at the Church of the Good Shepherd, I am confident that you will experience what I experience with them.
the rev. Dr. Bude Van Dyke

Our Vestry

Rebecca Lackey

Senior Warden
Vestry Member until 2017

John Clogg

Junior Warden
Vestry Member until 2019

Sue Jeffries

Vestry Member until 2019

Clint Crockett

Vestry Member until 2019

Gary McConnell

Vestry Member until 2018

Cheryl Dulaney

Vestry Member until 2017

Barbara Dunn


Serving Christ and Our Parish

Almighty and everliving God, ruler of all things in heaven and earth, hear our prayers for this parish family. Strengthen the faithful, arouse the careless, and restore the penitent. Grant us all things necessary for our common life, and bring us all to be of one heart and mind within your holy Church; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
- Book of Common Prayer

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